• The inaugural US E-Cigarette Summit was held in Washington DC, on Monday May 8, 2017 and welcomed over 250 people
  • The 2nd Annual US E-Cigarette Summit will take place April 30, 2018......Registration is now open

The Evidence on E-cigarettes: Evaluating What We Have and Identifying What We Need

08:20 - 09:00

The debate between e-cigarette enthusiasts and skeptics has evolved into a vitriolic stand-off in which basic philosophies and emotions play at least as important a role as sound analysis of empirical evidence. This presentation will examine the evidence, suggesting how a rational assessment of what we know today should frame communications and policy going forward. A core issue, also addressed in this presentation, is identification of remaining evidence needs. Not all unknowns are equally important. An analytical framework can help determine those that are most pressing.


  • Prof Kenneth E. Warner Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor of Public Health - University of Michigan

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