Powerpoint presentations

To access the 2019 USA E-Cigarette Summit presentations please click on the name of the presenter below to open and download the PDF. Please note some speakers are unable to share presentations due to sensitive data (indicated as not available), others did not use powerpoint (no pp).

Regulatory frameworks Youth initiation & smoking cessation Tobacco control, industry and regulation Public Health and policy
Steven Schroeder David Hammond – not available Jonathan Foulds Cheryl Healton – no pp
Brian King Lion Shahab Eric Lindblom – no pp Matt Myers
Colin Mendelsohn Kenneth Warner Stacy Ehlrich Ann McNeill
Deborah Arnott Peter Hajek Tony Abboud Alex Clark – no pp
James Van Loon Robin Mermelstein David Levy Rachelle Annechino
Nancy Rigotti Clive Bates Cliff Douglas – no pp

E-Cigarette Summit 2019 USAVideos

The video sessions from the 2019 USA E-Cigarette Summit are available here.


2018 Videos

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2017 Videos

Please click Here to view the videos from the inaugural Washington Summit, in 2017

To access presentations from the London Summit, please visit the UK Summit website

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