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The Association Between E-Cigarette Use Among Adolescent Never Cigarette Smokers and Subsequent Cigarette Smoking

This study demonstrates that when controlling for more potential covariates, the strong and positive relationship between vaping by adolescent never smokers and subsequent trial of cigarettes decreases steadily. Using longitudinal data from PATH on U.S. adolescents, ours is the first study to control for both use of other tobacco products and other drugs (marijuana and… Read more »

Assessing the Safety of E-cigarettes: Challenges and Regulatory Implications

Prof Neal Benowitz will explore the current scientific evidence on the safety and health effects of e-cigarettes, including: 1) The nature of cigarette toxicity and health impact 2) Potential toxic exposures from E-cigarettes; comparison to cigarettes 3) The differences by e-cigarette device characteristics 4) long term safety of nicotine 5) Toxicity concerns with flavors. Alongside… Read more »

Panel Discussion and Live Q&A

Are we protecting kids or just the “right kind” of kids? Can we de-couple the concern over youth initiation from the concern that youth vaping is a gateway to youth smoking Is youth abstinence more important than adult cessation to achieve a smoke free future Youth use and surveillance – are we asking the right… Read more »

Are current e-cigarette policies aligned with health equity goals?

As a new researcher focused on eliminating health disparities, particularly death and disease from combustible tobacco use, how should I feel about tobacco harm reduction?  Working in tobacco control in an area with higher than average smoking prevalence, much of the current tobacco control agenda is focussed on preventing youth vaping. I find that I have… Read more »

Adolescent substance use: more than e-cigarettes

Adolescents who are frequent users of multiple substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes are at significantly higher risk of negative mental, physical, and substance use outcomes in adulthood, but studies often fail to focus on poly substance use, especially among younger adolescents. Dr. Pearson will present recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey data from adolescents… Read more »

Adolescent e-cigarette use before and after restrictions on flavored cartridges

In early 2020 the FDA finalized its enforcement policy on unauthorized flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes, such as fruit and mint.  Consistent with this policy, the JUUL vaping brand removed all cartridge flavors other than menthol and tobacco from the market.  In this presentation I present national, U.S. data on adolescent e-cigarette use and attitudes before and… Read more »

Are we risking the erosion of trust in Tobacco Control?

Successful public health campaigns rely on establishing and maintaining the public’s trust in the recommendations that are given.  This presentation highlights concerns that I have about the erosion of trust in tobacco control that appears to be happening because previously trusted public health officials are staking out policy positions that distort the truth about lower… Read more »