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England’s answer to Mitch Zeller’s five questions

09:15 - 09:30

Last October Mitch Zeller explained that the FDA wanted help answering a number of fundamental questions about how the principle of harm reduction should shape policy decisions on the future of nicotine regulation. This presentation sets out how the English Government and its arms-length bodies, such as the NHS and Public Health England, are answering these questions in practice.

1) How comfortable are we with long-term, or possibly permanent, use of less harmful nicotine delivery mechanisms by adults, if they help keep currently addicted smokers from relapsing to combustible tobacco products?

2) How much weight should be placed on diminished interest in quitting nicotine altogether?

3) Given the potential health impacts of dual use of tobacco, how acceptable is a short period of dual use while transitioning to less harmful nicotine-containing products? What if many current smokers engage in dual use on a long-term or permanent basis?

4) Can we revise labeling and indications for medicinal nicotine to increase quitting?

5) How might youth initiation be affected by the availability of different nicotine-containing products and how should we account for youth uptake of these products?


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