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Finding the Sweet Spot. Science is Re-Framing Nicotine Use to Save Lives More Rapidly

15:45 - 16:00

Absent massive changes in behaviour, 7.2 million people worldwide will continue to die each year. An array of non-combustible nicotine products (NNPs) has emerged. For the first time in 120 years, evidence is mounting that NNPs can be the “sweet spot” to disrupt and displace the global dominance of cigarettes that persists despite tobacco control’s best efforts. Smoking control – not tobacco or nicotine control – embraces use of appealing and economically viable NNPs as part of the solution to the cause of health harms—smoke. NNPs can be smoking control’s valued ally to eliminate the smoking epidemic. We must address the false equivalence of promoting weak headline grabbing studies that exaggerate the harms of NNPs, undermining harm minimization efforts and perpetuating smoking behaviour. A synthesis of the stronger scientific evidence provides our guidance. Influential leaders must align and speak with one voice to reassure smokers and those who care about smokers that nicotine is not the major source of harm and that a switch to NNPs will improve their health.


  • David Abrams PhD Professor, College of Global Public Health - New York University

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