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iQos, E-Cigarettes and Tobacco Control: Harm Reduction the Japanese Way

14:10 - 14:25

Japan presents a unique case study for scientists and regulators interested in reducing the health harms caused by combustible tobacco products. From 1904 to 1985 the Ministry of Finance in Japan presided over a tobacco monopoly, and government continued to be a major shareholder of tobacco stock after the privatization of the tobacco industry. The government’s financial stake in the tobacco, which helps to explain Japan’s historically high rates of tobacco consumption and its lax tobacco control regulations, serves as the backdrop to the regulation of e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products. This presentation will explain the Japanese government’s regulatory approach to e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products, describe the reception of iQOS in Japan, and assess the relationship between the increase in iQOS use and the decline of smoking rates.


  • Prof Eric A. Feldman Professor of Law, Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy - University of Pennsylvania Law School

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