• 2020 Date Announced: The 4th Annual US E-Cigarette Summit will take place May 4 2020

Opening address: Why is tobacco harm reduction so divisive?

08:20 - 08:35

By objective standards this should be a good time for tobacco control in the United States.   Adult smoking rates have fallen to a modern low of 14%, meaning that millions of premature deaths have been averted.   And although youth smoking rates bumped up from 7.6% in 2016 to 8.1% in 2017, they are still far below the rate of 15.8% in 2011, and 35% in 1997.  Yet, the situation today resembles the phrase Aaron Wildavsky used when describing health care in 1976: “Doing Better and Feeling Worse.” So, why is tobacco harm reduction so divisive?


  • Prof Steven A. Schroeder MD Distinguished Professor of Health and Healthcare - University of California, San Francisco & Director, Smoking Cessation Leadership Center

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