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Regulation and the Realization of a Positive Impact Potential of ENDS

13:25 - 13:40

The National Academies of Science recent report on the Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes concluded that, under likely modeled scenarios, the use of e-cigarettes in the population will result in a net public health benefit. Also that, while the absolute numbers are important the overall health consequences of e-cigarettes, positive or negative, are likely to be very small compared to the overall toll of tobacco smoking. This is consistent with other reports & projections. FDA has indicated its intent to strike the right balance between fulfilling its vital consumer protection role while also fostering innovation when it comes to potentially less harmful forms of nicotine delivery. How might this positive impact potential be realized (and not undermined) both by balanced regulation of ENDS as “tobacco products” and by the modernization of the FDA’s approach to the development and regulation of nicotine replacement therapy products (potentially also including ENDS).


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