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The Tobacco Industry: Harm Reduction and the Unique Need for Regulation

13:40 - 13:55

The debate around E-Cigarettes revolves around whether they are more effective at helping people quit smoking than existing products or whether they will enable more people who would not otherwise quit, to switch completely to products that will significantly reduce their risk of disease. However, the real debate is around whether a free market approach with only minimal government oversight or whether an approach that provides the government the opportunity to review products, verify claims and set standards to insure that consumers receive independently verified and reliable information is the best to way to accomplish these goals.  The “Trust me” approach has been tried in this field before and failed and is not working with e-cigarettes.  Meaningful regulation is needed for products that claim to help those who suffer from a disease and are seeking cures that they can trust. Regulation would already be happening if the e-cigarette industry hadn’t resisted it at every step.



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