What is the mindset of today’s cigarette smokers?

Time: 1:10 pm - 1:25 pm

Date: May 25

The tobacco marketplace has changed with the introduction of new nicotine delivery devices. While the public health community has been addressing the dramatic increase of e-cigarette use among youth, FDA recently conducted qualitative research with adult smokers to ascertain their current attitudes and beliefs about cigarettes and other tobacco products. Focus group findings underscore that quitting cigarettes remains difficult. Smokers are often navigating multiple barriers to quitting, including stressors, perceived benefits of smoking, and persistent misperceptions about nicotine and addiction. Findings also revealed an increase in the belief that reducing use is an effective strategy for cessation, and there is low motivation among smokers to abstain from nicotine. While large-scale mass media campaigns and public health cigarette education efforts have contributed to reductions in prevalence rates, an opportunity remains to further educate and address these misperceptions to support long-term cessation. 


  • Kathleen Crosby Director, Office of Health Communication & Education - FDA Center for Tobacco Products

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