E-cigarettes as an adaptive relapse prevention/recovery strategy: A missed opportunity?

Time: 3:15 pm - 3:35 pm

Date: May 26

Cigarette smoking is commonly viewed as a chronic, relapsing problem requiring long-term, repeated attention and multiple quit attempts. Yet the question of whether e-cigarettes may assist with cessation is often examined with a binary, single event, “all or nothing” lens. There may be advantages of using e-cigarettes within a relapse prevention/recovery of smoking abstinence framework when more adaptively used in targeted, individually tailored situations. This presentation will discuss potential approaches of how e-cigarettes can be used in sequential quit attempts to promote abstinence following smoking lapses; the potential role of transitions in self-identity away from being a “smoker”; and research designs to maximize more targeted and tailored approaches to help identify a role for e-cigarettes.


  • Prof Robin Mermelstein Distinguished Professor of Psychology and IHRP Director - University of Illinois, Chicago

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