Dr. Brian Yagi, M.D.,J.D.

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Trained as a physician and a lawyer, Dr. Yagi is interested in a broad array of health policy topics at the intersection of medicine and law. His experience in FDA’s Office of Policy and Planning has led to a passion about how FDA can regulate the wide variety of products under its purview, as well as how to improve the agency’s impact through the creation of novel, flexible regulatory pathways. His interest in life sciences research and development policy was reinforced during his time working for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he both participated in translational clinical research and learned about other novel approaches to research while serving as a policy intern for the Office of the NIH Director. Professionally, he is board certified in internal medicine and works clinically as a hospitalist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, where he is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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